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Historical Bijapur rules by Adil Shahi (3 Day Tour)

One of the best place to start our Journey this vacation was from Bijapur. 

We started from Bombay at 4:30 AM and reached Bijapur by afternoon.

We had a booking in Hotel Pearl which was one of the good and better hotels in Bijapur. 
Very economical and conformable to stay.

The road to Bijapur was good but there is always to factor patches and pot holes and lots of speed brakes between villages.

On Arrival:
The first thing post check in was to start looking at a Venue which we could explore but it was already quite late in the evening and most of the attractions were on verge of closing, so we waiting till the next day.
But since we entered Bijapur by 4 PM, we had an opportunity to visit Sangeeth Nari Mahal.

Sangeeth Nari Mahal:
It is located 4 to 5 Kilometers away from Bijapur City. Basically if you enter the city this would be the starting point.
Sangeeta Mahal was constructed by Ibrahim Adil Shah. Mainly it was used for performance of dance and music shows. 

There are quite bit of area of the monument in ruins but still it is a nice attraction to visit. 

Day 2:

We had lots of plans to visit places around we started as below:

Gol Gumbaz:
The monument has so much history behind the it. It is a must see for history lovers and it was very close to our hotel. 
The architecture is awesome and a beauty to watch. 
However the maintenance is poor, people have ruined the walls by scripting rubbish on it. 
The entrance fee is nominal & needs to be increased for getting revenue to maintain the monument. 
A good guide service is recommended at this venue and there are lots of bogus people wandering around to loot you.

The place surely needs maintenance. Tourists should also refrain from scribbling their names on the plaster walls.

There is also a museum inside the area which is also good to visit.

GPS Location: 
16.830252, 75.736072

Malik-i-Maidan is located not very far from Gol Gumbaz. 
Basically most of the attractions are within 2-3 KMS radius.
There is one huge cannon which is a must see, and it very majestic site. 
The cannon looks really huge and well crafted.
If you can read urdu there is a message on the canon which could mean a lot The canon shows the glory and wealth of the nizzams rule.

GPS Location: 16.831740, 75.708886

Uppali Burz:
This monument was a watch tower with two huge canons to fire on enemy. The two canons on the top of the structure are well intact. The climb is hard but will not last longer. The view is a beauty from the top looking at the entire Bijapur town. 
This place is must visit. If you are in summer it could go crazy hot, best to carry umbrella.

GPS Location: 16.832518, 75.711585

Jamia (Jumma) Masjid - Markaz:
This is a very big mosque located in the center of Bijapur town.
This ia very much living historical monument with daily prayers being offered.
The mosque is a peaceful place and the most special attraction is that the extracts from Quran which has its shrine painted in gold on the wall.

GPS Location: 16.822094, 75.728762

Other Sites:
Few other sites which we visited which I could not get he details but they had character to it, sharing the photos

Day 3:

We had lots of plans to visit places around we started as below on day 3:

Ibrahim Rauza Tomb:
One of the most beautiful tombs were encountered on my entire tour and in Bijapur. Very well maintained and the carving was richer and more detailed than most and the grounds well tended. 
Plenty of birds flying around and we were the only first visitors in the early hours of the morning.

GPS Location: 16.827102, 75.702382

Jod Gumbaz:
If you look at the Architecture, it is very good, but if you look at surroundings and people living around, they have ruined it. 
Somehow its the people living nearby who have ruined the beauty of the mosque. Lots of waste and garbage lying around which makes visiting this place unpopular. 
I personally believe that if you keep the place neat and clean no matter how old it is, there would be visitors and popularity. 

Taj Bawdi:
This is one of the filthiest, dirty and horrible places in Bijapur. 
The water is so so dirty that there is garbage and plastic and pigs everywhere. There are people washing clothes and kids jumping in that water. 
I was not sure how will I capture the photo as it was dirty everywhere. 
Still I managed to get a shot w/o any of the shit.
The people are so dirty living nearby that they don't care and they have become like dirt.
Please do not waste your time!

Barah Kaman:
Barah Kaman if had it been completed, then it was supposed to be at par with Gol Gumbaz.
At present it is an unfinished monument. We had visited it in the afternoon and the monument was quite well maintained. 
Definitely worth a visit if you are in Bijapur. 

Shivgiri Temple:
Huge Lord Shiva Statue which is standing at a height of 85 feet (26 m) and width of 104 feet which is just outside the Bijapur. I would say around 3-4 Kms. 
What I was disappointed by was the arrangement by the temple management for not keep some kid of mats in the scorching heat.  
We could not bare the heat on the floor when we were bare feet. This made the entire venue very disappointing. 
However there is a small area where few farm animals are kept and also there is a Ganesh Mandir very close to the statue.
There is also a small amusement play area for kids but its not that great.

Nice to visit but better wear socks.

As our journey ended on Day 3, the next day awaits to a new destination which was Hampi.

Entire Day 2 details with GPS locations:Gol Gumbaz - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Jadar Galli, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586104
16.830252, 75.736072

Jamia Masjid - Markaz
Jamiya Masjid Rd, Jala Nagar, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586101
16.822094, 75.728762

Upli Burz Rd, Sholapur, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586101
16.831740, 75.708886

Uppali Burz
Sholapur, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586101
16.832518, 75.711585

Entire Day 3 details with GPS locations:
Abdul Razak Darga
Godbole Mala, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586101
16.825358, 75.712371

Taj Bawdi
Godbole Mala, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586101
16.825672, 75.709715

Fort Bijapur & Gagan Mahal  6AM  to 6PM
Mithari and Asar Mahals
Jamia Masjid - Markaz

Ibrahim Rauza Tomb 9AM to 5PM
Vijayapura, Karnataka
16.827102, 75.702382

Barah Kaman 6AM  to 6PM
Gacchinakatti Colony, Vijayapura, Karnataka 586101
16.830350, 75.718267

Shapur Gate
Jumma Masjid
Shivgiri Temple
Taj Bawdi

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