Monday, March 27, 2017

सोलापूर जिल्हा...

We arrived in Solapur from Gulbarga, It took couple of 3-4 hours from Gulbarga to reach here.
Since we arrived late evening at the hotel, all we did is checked in and relaxed and later had lovel Missal Pav...

Our plan was to visit the Solapur Fort next day which was very close to our hotel. We took the car and parked very close to the fort. 

The fort entry was nominal and the ticket guy did explain a lot of history of the fort. 

As soon as you enter the fort you see 2 large Cannons. 
The fort walls were built of stone. The fort walls were not very tall and they reminded me of fort walls of AhmednagarFort in Ahmednagar (which I shall write a blog very soon).
The fort was built by Adil Shah, it was conquered by many rulers post then.

There are two ways of exploring a fort, one is walking on the walls and the other is walking within the fort premises.

So we decided to explore by walking on the walls and some occasions we walk around the fort. The walls of the fort were very broad. Though certain portions of the walls are not in good condition. 

There is another structure in the fort premises, not sure if it is a temple. It is in broken state, but it was surrounded by water. The remains of it were beautiful.

There are a couple of other structures on the fort but not sure what they are as there are no signboards near them.

Overall it was a memorable visit at the fort after which we headed to Bombay :-)

You can always find more photos @ KhatriSuperShots & WittyTravel

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