Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ruined in Hampi - Day 1 [3 Days]

As I started the journey to Hampi from Bijapur, I was very lucky. There was almost no traffic and smooth roads.

On the way we visited Almatti Dam which was even spectacular to watch.

As it was a few hours drive from Bijapur to Hampi, I was quite relaxed after a good breakfast.

The journey was great and the landscape especially in the beginning around the Hospet.

It was by 2PM we were near Hospet and we first visited the famous Tungabhadra Dam which was constructed across the Tungabhadra River, a tributary of the Krishna River. The dam is near the town of Hospet in Karnataka. It is a multipurpose dam serving irrigation, electricity generation, flood control, etc.

After visiting the majestic Dam, we headed to Hampi and we checked in at HotelMayura Bhuvaneshwar which is operated by Karnataka Toursim.
The Resort is located just before entering Hampi Sites and it is very huge.
Rooms were small and food was good during our stay.

We later headed to see the Octagonal Bath, Queen's Bath and Royal Enclosure.

Octagonal Bath:
The pool is Octagonal in shape. I was bit disappointed that this place looks neglected. Sure it must have had some relevance in the past, but the guide couldn't explain anything about the significance of the geometry of the design.
Not worth visiting beyond few minutes, you may even skip this if your schedule is tight.

Royal Enclosure:
Brilliant piece of history brought back to life. The architecture is absolutely amazing. A wonder to see how all this was constructed so long ago.

Hazara Rama Temple:
One of the highlights of Hampi. A non-functional temple dedicated to Rama. The Ramayana is depicted on the walls of the temple in pictures. A must visit place.

SunSet (Matanga Hill):
A bit of a climb but totally worth it for the stunning views all around. Recommend grippy shoes or sandals

Following were the details of my Day 1 planning with precise GPS location

Almatti Dam
Karnataka 587207
16.326201, 75.885369

Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari
Kamalapur, Karnataka 583221
15.308821, 76.478507

Royal Enclosure
Karnataka 583239
15.315657, 76.470014

Queen's Bath
Karnataka 583239
15.313401, 76.472460

Octagonal Bath
Hampi, Karnataka 583239
15.315541, 76.475620

Hazara Rama Temple
Karnataka 583239
15.317646, 76.469339

Sunset Point
SH 131, Hampi, Karnataka 583239
15.332472, 76.459577

You can always find more photos @ KhatriSuperShots

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