Friday, March 24, 2017

Gandhikota, The Hidden Grand Canyon of India

Journey Month: Mar-2017

We started our Road trip in the morning 8:00 AM from Hampi to Gandhikota.

The road was good, excellent in some stretches. 
The roads got a bit narrower whenever we had to pass through smaller towns and we had to clamber across the sharp bumps sometimes. 

On the way we encountered lots and lots of Red Chilly Farms and the farmers busy working in scorching heat.

Just before Jammalamadugu, I turned left towards Gandikota. A small ride of 10Km brought me to the Haritha Resort of AP Tourism. The resort is well build and quite spacious, though the upkeep leaves much to be desired. It is also just 
half a Km from the Gandikota fort.

Out main objective was to visit the Fort, Monuments within the fort and the Grand Canyon Valley.

Kota in most of the languages means fort, Gandikota is ruins of a fort built around 11th century, by a Chalukya king. There is a mosque as well and a big deep pool (Images below)

An amazing and yet lesser known marvel, the view from the fort is a opportunity to see some picturesque sites.

I would suggest people to visit this place for the stunning beauty of temple and natural hills.

We tried climbing up some of the boulders. It was a treacherous climb at some places, considering the fact that we did not know whether the stones were loose. The rocks were still warm from the scorching sun. It was in March when we visited, it was super hot, one could imagine how hot it would be in the May.

You do not realize that there is something in store for you till you reach the very end of the chasm. If you’ve ever been here, you will know the feeling… your heart skips a few beats and you find yourself breathless as you approach the edge. A massive chasm, very wide and very deep, standing between you and the other side.

We stayed in Hotel Harita which is operated by Andhra Pradesh State Tourism.
There were NO cars parked and no guest was around. The cook and the manager welcomed me. God knows what will we do in this lonely resort. 

But since it was Friday it was lonely, manager updated me that on Weekends the resort is full. 

And we settled down in an AC room which was very spacious and independent villa sort of.

The Dinner took an hour to be delivered. By that time I was reviewing the photos and a good bath made me relaxed.
The choice for dinner was limited and I settled for fried rice. 

By 2130hrs, I was ready to call it a day.

Next day, from the terrace of the villa/room we enjoyed the beautiful Sunrise and some bird photography which you can enjoy in my previous post or 
KhatriSuperShots page

 You can always find more photos @ KhatriSuperShots & WittyTravel

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