Saturday, December 31, 2016

Home of the Golden Temple

There is no words to describe the beauty of the city Amritsar and what a spiritual way to introduce you to this Gorgeous Golden Temple...

Golden Temple also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib. This is the first thing you should do when you are in Amritsar. Whether it is day time or night, the beauty of the temple stands out. It's the most​ sacred place of Sikhs and is visited by everyone irrespective of caste & religion. 

The most spectacular view is when you visit in the night. All those Glittering Gold just gives us so much attention that you are taken away spiritually. 
I other words, there is none...You actually cannot describe the atmosphere being here. 
There is a mega kitchen at the Golden Temple which usually feeds more than 100000 devotiees in a day and that too for free! The sheer amount of hard work those goes into feeding this many people everyday is commendable.

The atmosphere within the temple complex is so calm despite the huge crowds who are visiting around. The chanting of holy guru gantra in the background is also very soothing to your ears and takes you in an outer space.

Location & Time:

The location of the temple is within Amritsar, few KMS from the station. One can take a Auto / Taxi from the station or from the Airport.
The temple opens around 2:30 AM in the morning and closes at 22:15

There is no fee for Entry nor there is any fee for the Langar food. Everyone is welcome.

Time to Visit:

Ideally you can go anytime you want, Summers can be hot and Winters would be too cold and fogy. 

I would suggest one should visit both in the morning and in the late evening to see the beauty of the temple both in the Sun and in the Dark.

Food and Drinks:

If you are hungry the temple offers you free food anytime. One should have food at least once here and also watch the process of preparation of the food, serving of the food and all the way till the utensils are getting washed. The process is memorizing and the sheer effort is commendable.

Things to Note:

  • Camera is allowed
  • Try wearing slippers as it would be easy to wear and remove
  • Carry a large handkerchief / salwar cloth for women for covering their head
  • Tripod is not allowed in the temple
  • Avoid carrying any heavy bags / suitcase / stuff which will restrict you entry in the temple
  • Ensure you do not need Non Vegetarian food before entering the temple 
  • Carry extra pair of clothes & towel in case you are going to take a dip in the water

Things to try:

Few things one should try around Amritsar Golden Temple, the yummy Kulcha which is just around the corner of the temple. Buy some local made Papad, also Jaggery, local Amritsar sweets and last but not the least some yummy appetizers  

Apart from that there are several attractions to visit near buy Jallianwala Bagh, Durgiana Temple, Gobindgarh Fort, Khalsa College, Tarn Taran Sahib, Maha Raja Ranjit Singh's Statue, Maharajah Ranjit Singh Panorama, 

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