Thursday, April 27, 2017

Impromptu Clicks

As a opportunistic, observer & photographer, some moments and emotions are best captured when the subject is totally unaware.
This will make the beauty of the subject truly genuine. Let it be a person, birds, an object or even a random street, clicking a photograph always tells the story behind the picture!
One should need to remember that its all being spontaneous and skillful to get the best of shots.
I'm NO expert in photography, but with my novice skills, I've learn't few things which helps me to try taking few interesting subjects.
I've shared below my learning, which could be used as part of the process

1. Camera Settings:
Camera settings is the first thing you should be ready.
Ensure you set your camera on Aperture priority mode which is one of the preferred settings, where the camera will choose a shutter speed to give the right exposure while you control the ISO and aperture.
I also feel the Shutter priority mode is also a good option wherein you can control the shutter speed. Depending on the location, you can adjust your shooting modes.

2. Right frame
The subject which you are capturing should be in the complete frame.
The photo would speak a lot when you have the subject in full frame and your camera screen / view finder will help you to judge that.

3. Multiple Clicks
Its not always you get the click in one shot, you might have to get multiple shots with different light / frame / settings enabling you to decide which one is the best for publishing.
I normally get 4-5 shots in RAW format and shortlist 2 and then eventually pick the best of the two.

4. Shooting RAW
This is the best mode which I like to capture my photos. Why? because I can control lot of things in post editing.
Post editing is not to alter the subject but to improvise the subject and make your photos come alive.
Beware that your memory card is large enough as one raw file can exceed over 10 MB.
Always carry extra memory card

4. Extra Gear
Sometimes all photos cannot be captured with set of lens, you may struggle with switching lens to get your subject closer.
Either you carry two camera with multiple lens for all possible moments or you keep switching between lens (can be tiresome and may lose the opportunity) .
Along with that I also recommend you carry extra battery or power bank as you do not want to lose the moment because of some battery discharge.

5. Zoom Lens
Ideally when you capture spontaneous shots, you do not want your subject to see you. You would ideally be far away, in order to get the moment right, you definitely would need a good zoom lens.
Lens with 70 MM to 300 MM could be a ideal candidate here.
But a lens of 18 - 210 MM range could also be equally good.

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